Ruthie Cummings is a culinary artist, born and raised in Canada in a European household, where her mother, a German immigrant, instilled in her a deep appreciation for food, culture, and tradition from her homeland. From a young age, Ruthie was immersed in the art of foraging, cooking from scratch, and preserving food. She learned traditional European family recipes and picked her very first mushroom at the tender age of six. Her childhood was filled with memories of wild harvests, from berries and vegetables to mushrooms and more.

As a young adult, Ruthie knew that food was her true calling and she began to hone her craft by studying ceramics and sculpture, which she later applied to the culinary arts. She worked as a chef in the food service industry while studying commerce, with the goal of opening her own restaurant one day.

But Ruthie’s culinary expertise extends far beyond the kitchen. She is a certified sommelier, a mushroom expert, and has studied with renowned figures in the food and wine world such as Andre St. Jacques, the Guinness World Record holder for most sabered champagne bottles in a minute, and Rainer Schwadtke, Germany’s awarded Best Baker, 6 years in a row. She has guest lectured for Queens University, the Horticultural Society, The CRCA on the topics of Wild Foods and food sovereignty. In 2019, she became a member of the Rideau 1000 Islands Master Gardeners, studying Horticultural Science and specializes in native plants and tree species. She is currently in her 2nd year of becoming a Clinical Herbalist Practitioner.

Ruthie’s passion for food and its connection to the natural world is evident in her property, The Sanctuary on Amherst Island, where she leads educational experiences on over 2000 acres across Southeastern Ontario. Here, she offers a truly immersive culinary experience that brings together the best of wild harvesting, traditional cooking techniques and the latest in horticultural and herbal practices. Ruthie Cummings is truly one of a kind, a culinary artist whose expertise spans the full spectrum of food culture and tradition.

What People Say

“Each course was amazing, fresh, creative & comforting. One of the most memorable experiences ever”


” Ruthie went above and beyond what we expected. We were amazed at the attention to detail regarding the quality & presentation of the food”

Markie & Scott

” Absolutely amazing experience. My wife & I joined a group of 10, all of them from the GTA to Kingston. This tells you how reputable Ruthie is, at what she does. Highly Recommend”


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